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Foods and Health

Foods and Health

Here you will find information on different food choices, food additives and ingredients, articles on some disease processes and even some information on different diets. Browse around and use the search feature above if you have a specific topic of interest


Fridge Wisdom Looked at your refrigerator lately? Use this as a guide.

Residual Fat and Fat Cells Some information on getting rid of fat cells...not an easy issue.

Why the Waist ThickensA thick protruding lower abdomen is not always a matter of fat. See why here.

The Case for Real Food Nutrients in food are likely more numerous than we know. Here is an article from the New York Times discussing it.

Brain Health How can you avoid that brain drain that comes with aging. It turns out that there is quite a bit.

Eat a Diverse Diet Good Advice and Recipes from Real

Fructose Makes you Fat? Fructose is unusual as a sugar because the body treats it differently. High amounts of fructose overpower the liver and it's ability to break it down. The result? Well, that's a controversial topic. See some arguments here.

Special Article on Weight Management by Dr. Michael Colgan of the Colgan InstituteDr. Colgan has studied and followed athletes, foods, health and longevity for years. Over the time I have followed him, he seems to have the real stuff without the hyped nonsense. Here, se summarizes some findings in Lean for Life weight loss..

Special Article - Fat Loss TipsA special e-book on fat loss.

Energy Drinks - What you Need to KnowA special bulletin article. Tested athletes be aware!

Seven Habits of Successful Programs In an article by John Berardi, common threads among the most successful programs are examined. Solid advice.

Eating Made Simple - Dealing with Conflicting Advice In an article published in Scientific American, the author discusses the simplicity of eating. It need not be complex. Marion Nestle has had much experience in establishing healthful eating policies and her advice is worth heeding.

Healthy Heart Report A nice summary report on items to look for and to evaluate for a healthy heart. Worth reviewing

AtheroscerosisA Scientific American Article on the subject. Oxidation and inflammation are discussed. These are items under nutritional control!

What to EatAn article from CSPI. An excellent general guide with simple recipes.

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