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Contained within this area are a variety of recipes for you enjoyement. Each has been designed or modified to introduce as much nutrition as possible while preserving some of the enjoyment in food. Please enjoy. If there is a recipe you would like modified, please let me know.

Special Topics and Ideas

Yogurt Cheese You will not believe what you can do with this! From plain yogurt comes fabulous desserts, creamy sauces and more.

Make your Own Sausage. Why Not? Make it at home in any form you like. Go crazy with the seasonings and cook it up is so many ways. Lots of ideas.

Rubs, Pastes and Marinades How do you increase the intensity of meat and sauces without added fat and junk? Use these. Excite your meal easily. .

Breads and Doughs Making your own breads from whole foods can be difficult. Here are some recipes and tips. Also, pizza crust, and even Crepes!

Healthy Oreos and Milk Can it be done? I say yes..take a look.

Crepes and a Meal Idea Crepes are so good for so many things. Fill them with fruit, fat free cream cheese for a great dessert. included is even another idea!

Healthy Flax Seed Oil - Use and Recipes Flax Seed OIl is an superb way to get healthy oils in your diet. See the Supplements page for why. See here for how.

Mock Potatoes Do you love potato, potato salad and mashed potatoes? They can be calorie dense. For something lighter that can be used the same way, look what you can do. Suggestions Included. A much lower calorie choice!

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