General Information

The Department of Chemistry offers students the opportunity to assist in the various laboratories taught by our faculty. Many benefits are accrued by such service.

Ø     Earn extra money.

Ø     Enhance your chemical knowledge and skills. Learn while you teach. (Handy for review for professional exams!)

Ø     Gain experience working in a teaching environment.

Ø     Provide a valuable service to the Department.

Ø     Get to know faculty members better. This allows faculty members to better know YOU as well. (Handy for those letters of recommendation!)

Laboratories are offered all days of the week at most times.

Students wishing to be hired immediately must be full-time students. Part-time students may be hired at a later date in the semester.

To apply:

Ø     Know your schedule for the semester.

Ø     Go to the Assignment Schedule on the Chemistry web page to see which labs are available that fit within your experience and schedule

Ø     Contact Dr. Mike Jezercak with your requests via the Information and Assignment Request page. Your abilities to teach in a given laboratory will be evaluated at that time and further instructions will be provided. Those having laboratories at UCO are given selection priority.


New Hires:

  If you are working for the first time at UCO, you must complete the hiring process and the proper hiring forms. The following steps MUST be performed prior to working:

  • Submit an application through the UCO system at: Select the "Search Postings" link and on that page, select "Chemistry Lab Assistant" from the Job Title drop down menu.
  • Submit an Assignment Request form on this page.
  • Complete the proper hiring paperwork at the jobs office as descreibed below.

Requirements for all New Hires

  •  Identification required for Federal I-9 Form

 One from each list:

Drivers License                                                        Social Security Card

UCO ID Card                                          AND         Native American Tribal Card

Voter’s Registration Card                                      Original or Certified Copy of a Birth Certificate

U.S. Military Card                                                   Native American Tribal Document


  US Passport (replaces two forms of identification from above lists)

All employees must bring documents to Lillard Administration Building 204 to complete new hire paperwork. Per U.S. Homeland Security ruling, an employee is only allowed to work for three (3) days until all paperwork is completed.

  • Direct Deposit: Voided check or official letter from the bank listing a routing and account number, signed or stamped by an employee of the bank

New employees will not receive a paycheck until direct deposit is complete.