Requests for Enrollment Increase

To the student

Each semester, I receive a large number of requests for admission to enroll in a closed section. Reasons cited for requests for admission fall under categories such as:

  • Must have class in order to graduate on time.
  • Must have class in order to keep scholarship.
  • Must have class in order to enroll in *** class next semester.
  • Must have class to avoid schedule conflict with other classes.
  • Must have class in order to enter graduate program next semester.
  • Must have class as I am going to be deployed in the military.
  • Must have this class in order to accept a job commitment.
  • Must have this class in order to retain student visa, otherwise, I'll be deported.
    This list of reasons is not all-encompassing, but is representative of the needs and requests that arrive. In receiving these requests, I am implicitly being asked to make judgment opinions, weighing each students' needs against others. As the instructor of record, I am not in the position of rendering judgments and weighing needs.
  • Alternatively, I could establish a first-come-first-serve basis. In effect, this makes a permanent increase in the class enrollment above what has been already established as maximum. Were I to increase the cap in the enrollment center, I would continue to receive even more requests for enrollment. Caps are established based on room and lab space.
  • If this is a laboratory section or a class that requires a lab enrollment, then that brings a safety issue to bear as there is limited lab space and equipment in order to operate safely. In addition, fire codes limit excess students operating in the lab.

As a requestor, should you feel that you indeed have a exceptional need, then you may consult the Special Needs office, otherwise, I must deny requests on policy.

Thank you for your understanding.

Dr. Mike Jezercak