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Welcome, all, to Physical Chemistry I!

           This website is the source for much of your course information that includes the syllabus, schedule, etc. During the course, I will disseminate course materials such as lecture notes and worksheets via a Physical Chemistry Dropbox file sharing site. You will receive an invite from me to join and share the physical chemistry folder. If you keep the lecture notes in this folder, then you will always have the latest edits and updates to the notes. I will also post the homework assignments there as well.

          The course text is one that is an excellent text and has propelled many a PChem student to achieve excellent knowledge and skill and has led a great number to success in graduate school. However, the text is no longer in print. This is actually quite good for you as it is readily available from used book sources and a significantly lower cost. Below is an amazon link, for example.


The lecture notes and worksheets are going to be given in MathCad format. MathCad, or MCAD is a computational software program that is extremely powerful and has a learning curve that is quite low. It allows you to enter equations as you see them on the page and it will execute them including numerical and symbolic results. Other such software such as MatLab, Maple and Mathematica are all excellent software packages however require significantly more of a programming style of input.

 MathCad is put out by PTC software and had reached a near flawless version. Since software engineers can’t have such a product, they completely reengineered it.  PTC has undertaken a major platform change and have named the new software, MathCad Prime. The current release of MathCad Prime is 4.0. Some outlets still have 3.1 available. Aside from the differences in the program, 3.1 is a one-time purchase. You will own it. 4.0 is now subscription. It is substantially less expensive however is only a year subscription.

For this course, students are not obligated to purchase MathCad as it is available in the resource room. Should you decide to purchase this software, purchase Prime 3.1 for a permanenet license and 4.0 for less cost and teporary license. When you purchase Prime, you are allowed to download and install the latest MathCad 15.0 under the same license. In addition, Prime comes with a converter that will convert all your MathCad 15.0 files into Prime.  

This course will use MathCad 15.0, so your purchase of Prime will allow you to use my material and then transition going forward. Alternatively, you could use Prime instead as it will convert my files. However, be aware that I will not be able to use your converted files. This software runs in the thousands of dollars but academic versions of equal power are available for about $100 for 3.1 and . You can purchase from PTC directly or some sellers.




          Should you purchase MCAD in advance and wish to become familiar with the software, execute the tutorial provided. There is a basic and advanced set. Execute the “Primers” set in its’ entirely and in the “Features in Depth” section, execute the assignments listed below.

            I welcome any questions you might have concerning the upcoming course and look forward to working closely with all of you. This is not a course for the faint of heart so be prepared to dedicate the necessary time and energy and stay in close contact with me. Included here is a link from a previous set of students that successfully completed the course. I asked them to provide advice to the incoming students, those being you. Read and heed their advice as they were the ones that succeeded. Advice from Previous Students

Again, I look forward to seeing all of you this Fall.

Dr. J


Features in Depth Assignments:

  • Arrays and Range Variables
  • Solving Equations and Systems
  • Handling Data
  • Data Analysis
  • Calculus in MathCad
  • Creating 2D Graphs
  • Formatting 2D Graphs
  • Working with Text
  • Formatting Math Regions
  • Presenting Your Work