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Dr. Mike Jezercak


I am a research professor with my primary training in the field of research chemistry with emphasis in biochemistry and physical chemistry.

I am a trained researcher who developed an interest in the connection between nutrition and quality and quantity of life.  I was prompted to investigate this topic because I wanted to be stronger and healthier, having become an overweight couch potato prone to injury and sickness. I, as most, were fed seemingly contradictory information concerning what was best. As a result, I took advantage of my training in research and chemistry to begin an investigation into proposed dietary schemes. What I found were books and programs designed largely from poor, contrived or nonexistent evidence. But, I also found good evidence of dietary strategies that have stood the test of time. I've evolved over the years to develop a philosophy based on this evidence. I don’t advise you using the stock-and-trade information that is so often taught in out-dated textbooks. I don’t pass on what I read in the popular press. I don’t pick a program because it worked for my neighbor. I’ve spent my hours in the research journals reading and have used my training as a research Ph.D. to separate the junk science from the solid science. I’ve consolidated the best nutritional knowledge based on the most reliable research for you. I’m not just your nutritional advisor, I am also your personal researcher.

I have worked for years to provide health and dietary education to the public. Now, I provide that information as a planning service for individuals, families, groups and teams. I still offer the information by request for FREE to any group that requests.

I use the latest research and work with you to decide what fits best within your lifestyle to achieve the goals you desire. My unique program  provides for success monitoring and program  adjustment to insure your success. You make small comfortable adjustments that take you step-by-step to your goal. Each step along the way, I provide you with the informational and educational tools that you need to succeed.

Finally, I have no products or “diets” to sell. I provide you with a customized life-long program that will lead to better health and fitness.

If you need or want more information, let me know!

Dr. Mike Jezercak, Ph. D.

Presentations Given

Energy Management for Peak Performance - Presentation to the Juniors and Youth Volleyball Olympic Division Meeting, Colorado Springs

Performance and Nutrition - Presentation to Edmond Volleyball Clubs on Performance Nutrition

Chemistry and your Food - Presentation to Chemistry and Society 10/2005

Lifestyle Planning
- Presentation to U.S. Foodservice 9/2004


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